I'm a disabled software engineer and startup Indie developer, currently focused on creating utilities for use within the Unity Editor.  My ultimate goal is to start creating video game assets, hopefully within the near future.

My first major project is the Unity Package Asset Index, or UPAI for short.  It's basically a mass index of all assets from all unity packages, currently stored in the asset store folder on a users hard drive.  Once a user has downloaded and imported the unity package for the UPAI, they run an index update process which parses all files and folders, that are contained in the unity package file itself.  The index is built up of all individual file information, for the asset itself, including asset type, import folder, asset guid, etc..  the index also maintains a listing of all package data, itself, with document links between the asset itself, and the package it was found in.  I also cache any preview and package icons, for use with in the Asset/Package search windows.  

Once the index has been built up, the user can then browse all packages, as well as list and/or search the index, for all of the different assets by name, type, meta data, description, path.

I created this because I have a lot of packages from the Unity Asset Store, and it was hard remembering what models and textures came from what packages etc.  The second aspect of the project, was to be able to create and track what packages are a part of what project, and if there are any updates to the assets themselves, or if any new assets had been added to updated versions of the package.  Its not really version control, but intended to assist the user in finding out if anything has changed between the project assets and the unity packages that they came from.