v0.9.9.2 is in the works

With v0.9.9.1 currently available for Level 11 Developers, I am currently working on an update that addresses the following issues:

Apologies for the long delays in blogging, but we are now in Beta!!!!!

The last few weeks have been spent going over user feedback, and updating the systems UI, to make it more responsive, and to provide the user with the information about what is actually occurring, and the expected amount of time it may take.  We had to make a major change at the last minute due to an issue discovered with Importing script files or assets and packages that included script files, as this would cause the Unity Editor to re-compile everything, including the UPAI Editor Windows. 

v0.0.4.8 is now live on the Asset Store!!!!

With this version wrapped up, i am now focused on the Dependency detection for Individual Asset Imports.  So far, this is going great, and because Dependency Detection will be going in, with the next version, the price of the asset will also be increasing as well.  Those of you that have already purchased the asset, are good to go!!!

Unity 3DC#IndexUPAI

Update on UPAI v0.0.4.8

I missed my deadline of having this submitted to the Asset Store, this afternoon, as I'm adding in some additional functionality for better memory and process management.  The Event Notification system has been completely re-written from scratch, and the next version will now include Progress Bars and Display Dialog boxes for notifications about when processes have truly completed.

UPAI v0.0.4.8 is currently under development

I'm updating the user interface, so it's consistent across the Package and Asset Search Windows.  I've also moved the viewing of asset specific to a selected package, to its own window, so it prevents the Asset Search window from being re-used.

v0.0.4.7 is now live on the Asset Store

This was released, officially, as of last evening, via the Asset Store admins.  I'm updating the documentation pages, for updating the UPAI, and hope to have these published by the morning of Friday, January 22nd 2016.

Started up a facebook page...

So, I've always avoided Facebook and twitter, but decided to try to use these for bringing more attention to the Unity Package Asset Index.  Not sure how well this will workout...