Unity Package Asset Index - Roadmap (Beta)

Last Edited On: 4/20/2016 12:01 PM

Last Edited By: R. Keown (robert.keown@rk-softwaredev.net)

Notes: If updated content is completed sooner, it will be merged in with future releases, and the road map (this page) will be reflected to show the changes.

Roadmap to v1.0.0.0

v0.9.9.1 (ETA: 4/22/2016)

  • In-app Log File Viewer
  • Web Updates System
    • Assemblies (DLL)
    • Editor Script Files
    • UPAI Settings Files

v0.9.9.2 (ETA: 4/29/2016)

  • Index Restore Process
    • Backup Current Index Files
    • Restore Selected Index Files
  • Package File Analysis
    • Determine why some package files aren't being indexed
      • Are all included assets under '/Standard Assets/' folders in Unity Path?

v0.9.9.3 (ETA: 5/6/2016)

  • Asset File Notes
  • Asset File Tagging
  • Package File Notes
  • Package File Tagging

v0.9.9.4 (ETA: 5/13/2016)

  • In-app Product Registration
    • Registration of User/PO Invoice Data from application
  • User Asset Folders
    • Alternative folder paths for users to store additional asset packages
      • Determine methods of identifying Publishers/Categories/Sources

v0.9.9.5 (ETA: 5/20/2016)

  • Project Asset Tracking
    • Determining if imported assets have updates
  • Project Package Tracking
    • Determining if newer versions of Packages are avialble for import
  • Project Status Window
    • Display/Select items to update

v0.9.9.6 - v0.9.9.9

  • TBA
    • If needed

v1.0.0.0 (ETA: 5/30/2016)

  • Full Launch