Unity Package Asset Index (UPAI)

This is a utility (currently Windows ONLY) that will enable you to track updates to individual assets that are a part of any Unity Package file, stored in the Asset Store folder. 

Instead of creating a massive database, I decided to implement a Lucene index, that stores key data of all of the assets stored in a Unity Package. (Only assets stored in the Assets project folder will be indexed, with the exception of all assets that are a part of Standard Assets, this may change in the near future) 

This is an initial Alpha Release, and only includes compiled binaries, for Windows only currently. 

The following OpenSource Projects are also included, in compiled form only, at the moment: 

AudioToolsLibrary.Net v1.2
Lucene.Net v3.0.3
Netwonsoft.Json v9.0.1
SharpCompress v0.12.2
YamlDotNet v3.8.0

These are only included for support of the UPAI, and only intended to be used as Editor only assemblies, and will not deploy as part of a build, due to being marked editor only.